Let’s try reading!

Reading has been a favourite pastime of mine especially since lockdown. If you can't physically travel, then you get out through books. And that's why I love to mind-travel all around the globe, to learn stories made by humans on the other side of our world. Since lockdown, every minute of my free-time goes into... Continue Reading →

Earth protecting itself from humans – the Coronavirus treatment

Number of new Coronavirus cases has risen to an all time high of over 2 lakh in India. Yet, people come together and rejoice with festivities like Kumbh Mela and regional New Year celebrations and even during election campaigns. A land where religion and politics overpowers science. Let me tell you, there comes a phase... Continue Reading →

My dad, my hero

A day which was greatly celebrated for many years is tomorrow, April 10th. Dad's birthday. A day filled with lots of phone calls - to and from family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues all over UAE as well as Kerala (our native). A day filled with lots and lots of messages and Facebook posts and WhatsApp... Continue Reading →

Help Yourself through Expressive Writing

Are you happy? Sincerely happy? Or let me rephrase - why are you sad? I'm sure all of you might have some response for this. We all face our own demons. We all have faced emotional trauma/stress at least once in our lives. Its a part of life. We cant do anything about what has... Continue Reading →

Dad’s retirement from a 30-years job

My dad's retiring. All my life I have known my father to be working in a single company. He got into this company in 1990 and 1 year later my parents' marriage happeened. I came 3 years later. Its 2020 now. 30 years and retiring. As a family we have a personal connect with the... Continue Reading →

Is Santa Claus a marketing strategy?

Using imagination to believe in the power of mind

Second Look #3 – A war we are all fighting | the social dilemma

A review on the Netflix movie, the social dilemma and my take on social media addiction.

When a virus shooed me into a village life

The Panoor House - as we call it is my father's sister's house. She is a very active and energetic lady for a women of her age. I call her Muthamma (fathers sister) and her husband Muthappan. They got married when she was 15 and slowly through their journey, came up the Panoor House. With... Continue Reading →

DGPS Survey

Differential Global Positioning System: The DGPS instrument looks like this. This is like any other survey instrument like Total Station but a little more advanced. This is a technique for measuring coordinates of a point. The instrument displayed here along with its identical twin is used for this purpose. If one is called base, the... Continue Reading →

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